ANNOUNCING Spiritual Professional Family Circle!

I just finished a great Spin class… you know the ones where you click your shoes into the grates on the bike pedals, (better have water handy) and get your bike adjusted for the 30-minute adventure?

Then when the music cranks up be ready for the instructor at the front of the room to bark things like…
“This is a long hill climb, increase your resistance, and let’s GO!!!!”

As I was pedaling like my life depended on it this morning, I thought about how we all need influences in our lives that cause us to do things we just won’t do on our own.

You may know I’ve just announced a new coaching program called Spiritual Professional Family Circle
where I’m accepting registration from a few people who want to go to the NEXT LEVEL in 2020 and beyond together as family. Click the blue link to watch my free video unpacking the 7 Steps Successful people will take in 2020 and learn about the new Spiritual Professional Family Circle.

Did you miss it? the webinar where my technology surprised me and I freaked out?! (Thank God for editing 😉 ) shhhh if you were there LIVE.

The new decade we have stepped into is a significant time period and calls for leaders to go to the NEXT LEVEL to set our goals wisely, commit to a plan of action, and run together in community like a family.

The family dynamic has been missing until now. Coming in you get to help define what family looks like in the marketplace. I think it could be a little messy (like real fam!) and well worth sorting out together so we can overcome the things that have kept you back, and move to the NEXT LEVEL. (no such thing as standing still…)

I’m so thankful I’ve got a health and nutrition coach who helped me shed 30+ pounds last year and a Spin Drill Instructor 😉 who keeps me pedaling to increase my energy and well being. I wouldn’t have achieved these same results on my own.

Action Points for Going to the Next Level:

  1. Join me in this limited time offer by clicking here to see the webinar I videoed for you:
    Join 2020 Next Level Spiritual Professional Family Circle
  2. Do yourself a favor this year and see the results you’ve hoped for but not seen in the past
    by taking action to join me in a coaching program.
  3. Let me know what you decide. Either way, it matters that you do something different this year
    if you want to see different NEXT LEVEL results in your life and business.

Love and Prayers,
Linda Fields

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