Meet Linda Fields

From wearing hand me downs, to giving others in life and business a hand up Linda lives a life of overcoming adversity, and succeeding with God which uniquely spirals others into upward action.

Linda, Business Prof., MBA, Business owner, Speaker and Consultant pushes you to come through your own fire to live your life calling and assignment with new passion and abandon.

Rick-man and Linda are crazy in love 49 years into marriage, have two daughters rocking it in the metroplex, and love God and Love you!

Don’t settle for less when you were designed for so much MORE! Let’s do “great exploits together with God”

Listen to Experience:

Put me on fast track

“Before finding Linda as my coach and mentor, I felt overwhelmed, unorganized, confused, and discouraged. As a first generation entrepreneur, I’ve had to learn everything from scratch.
Working with Linda has put me on a fast track. With her practical knowledge and wisdom, I was able to more than double my business in 5 years, expand from a regional customer base to shipping across the USA, and grow my team from 20 to 40 motivated employees.”

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