My Morning Miracle

Loving this coffee and a few quiet moments as The Lord is setting me for the rest of the day…

🎧 Listen to this message

If I don’t start here the day is toast. It’s what allows me to be present in the crush of the day’s demands coming.

My article about the Spiritual Professional is out and that’s so good, yet with it come new expectations, new opportunities, and I want to be at my best for today. This is the only way I don’t get swallowed up in the activity.

Next thing is Rick-man and I are meeting up with an entrepreneur friend this morning and we want to hear him, see him, value his story. The only way to be fully present with our friend is to have started with a few minutes here in the kitchen with the Lord.

As entrepreneurs, we can fall into being busy or choose to be purposefully productive. I choose the latter… and it is a choice. This is the best place I’ve found to operate from. In fact, it’s better than any punch list, planner, or distracting reminder.

Love and Prayers,

Linda Fields

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  1. Love it Linda working my Saturday we’re upgrading the A/C at the data center and have some major work going on this weekend!’

    Hope you and Rick are rocking!

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