5 Ways to Push Past Obscurity and Live Your IMPACT

5 Ways to Push Past Obscurity and Live Your IMPACT

In your wildest dreams, what mark do you hope to leave in the world?
What do you want people to say about your life, your business?
How do you want to be remembered?

Go ahead… scribble it, say it, type it out…

Now, ask yourself this question: why shouldn’t you be this person right now? If you are floundering in life and fading in obscurity, it’s time to upgrade your plan. [Tweet “It’s not too late to recalibrate!”] You can start with 5 ways to push through obscurity and make your greatest IMPACT.

Give yourself the freedom to dream big. This is not the time for small thinking but to be brutally honest about the deposit of greatness God has entrusted to you and the call to live out your best impact.

When you recalibrate your life to go over the top, get ready for some pretty exciting things to happen, but also prepare yourself to meet real resistance and learn to overcome.

So without further ado, here are my 5 ways you can recalibrate your thinking, and upgrade your life plan for your greatest impact:

  1. Write the vision. Lean in as God refreshes your thinking, and map out a simple plan to live and work unto bringing your best impact in the spheres of influence where God has placed you.
  2. When you process your vision and the obstacles, avoid rehearsing the problem. Identify the problem and immediately get ready to access divine council in prayer. As a Spiritual Professional, a praying man or woman on assignment in your field of expertise, remember you have a direct line to the counsel of the Holy Spirit. To keep the line open, confess your sin and take communion. [Tweet “Live and work in a way that doesn’t grieve the Holy Spirit, but honors the One within you.”]
  3. Forgive those who have hurt you. Work through the pain and move to a higher place with the capacity to dedicate your full bandwidth, mentally and emotionally, to become the one you are called to be. There’s only one with your DNA, your fingerprint, and others will suffer if you don’t show up to bring your unique mark and impact.
  4. Try a pilot. Making your new plan can seem daunting at first. Look for baby steps that will move you in the right direction as you make changes in small bites. [Tweet “Baby steps count!”] You don’t have to have the whole plan in place to make small improvements. You’ll be surprised how small steps add up and fuel your progress in accomplishing your best impact..
  5. God is searching for people who will acknowledge His leadership. Those who have ears to hear and implement heavenly plans according to His leadership to transform lives, companies, cities and nations one life at a time.”

You are awesome and I can’t wait to hear about your vision! One of the things I’m best at is helping people just like you clarify your dreams, create your path, overcome obstacles, and succeed with IMPACT. I host an annual gathering in Kansas City, MO and it’s coming up. You can bring a friend, a team, or just get away solo to work on your plans and dreams in a safe and inspirational setting.

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