48 Days Linda Fields

48 Days


Deadlines can make me crazy, … a good kinda crazy 😉

This morning I was praying and thinking about what’s going to happen as we wrap up the year with a bang in December….I have my Prayer Plan Your Life prayer sheet on my desk,

…just pulled out my goals to see where we are.

Working now with my MasterMind 2016 clients wrapping up their work this  year…

bringing things to best possible closure.

So, there’s this big ‘Onething’ conference at end of the year where there’ll be thousands of people like you coming to Kansas City….

We’ll have opportunity to meet new people and see old friends.

I’m thinking now about how to get ready to welcome all these awesome marketplace people.

I think it’s the possibility of what can actually happen that gets me all excited!

Speaking of the end of the year, did you know that we have 48 days left in 2016?

Like right now, I’m looking at my calendar, and it’s November 14th; I literally counted the days!

In  48 days we’ll be at the end of 2016… good –  bad – and wonderful!

What are you thinking about the end of the year?

There’s 48 days that will never come around again…

How can you get so God-blessed in this sweet time right here?

I am thinking of 2 or 3 things that put people in a category to finish strong.

Btw, each category requires the same action to land in a different place.

Success is entirely possible…

Category #1: Desperate for Different

… something’s gotta change. If this is you, you know it and feel it. Your back is against the wall.

This can be a good, but very uncomfortable place to be. You gotta show up God’s gotta show up

Something’s gotta give!

Category #2: Fat and sassy comfortable

No disrespect, but these folks are too comfortable to get off dead center.

It may look like they are doing ok on the outside, but it’s a miserable place to stay …because there’s no hunger

for ‘next’…

Category #3: Bull in a China Closet

Charging ahead and running over everything and everyone in the way…

Now this is zeal untamed. It’s a wild ride and won’t work long term. Don’t recommend it although unfortunately

(or fortunately for you;)) I’ve done it…

I remember my President calling me aside one day to say I needed to reign it in or I was going to make

some enemies. In my excitement, I couldn’t understand why everyone in the group was ready to yield their

territory to mine and get this thing (my thing) done. Yup, zeal untamed leaves a lot of damage. Not a good strategy. Repairing relationships is hard and necessary work, and you slow everyone down.

Even though I didn’t like it, that conversation was the best thing that could happen to me at the time.

Finally, I knew where I was and how to make the pivot to a better landing.

Where are you today?

Desperate for Different? …

Fat and Sassy? …

Bull in a China Closet aka Zeal Untamed?

Kinda painful to look in the mirror for a minute, but it’s the best thing you can do 48 days out from New Years Eve 2016

…cuz once you know where you are, you know how to make the pivots you really want for a much better landing.

Here’s what I recommend:

1. Pick your category – (You’ll live past it, I promise!)

2. Pick a ‘next’ goal to reach for by Dec. 31, 2016

3. Do it – (Nike got this right…) All the plans in the world with no execution or action are just pipe dreams.

I recorded something for TrueTribe…. It’s called “Achieve Any Goal Faster: 5 Steps to Getting What You Want”:  it’s really the goal setting system I use in my own life….

It’s inside TrueTribe right now….

It’s a $1 and you can check it out…. And if you don’t stay that’s ok…

Check it out….The “Achieve Any Goal Faster: 5 Steps to Getting What You Want” class along with a 10-day goal tool can help you finish the year strong.

It’s inside TrueTribe, just $1 to start:


You can make some amazing things happen in the next 48 days….

You’ve got this… Now, Go for it!

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