3 Keys to Get Your Plans Back on Track, and 3 Pitfalls to Avoid in the Process


Do you ever wish you could get back on track faster? Seems like things are humming along with your goals and then … all of a sudden, you find yourself out in left field wondering how in the heck you got so far off…


I’ve been working on some new projects and am painfully aware of how important it is to focus my time and energy where it counts the most. I can’t afford rabbit trails anymore. Things are happening faster now and we all need to be able to move with God’s pace and direction in the marketplace.

When I get off track, I’m having to find ways to re-align quicker, better, and stronger.
You can even make up for lost time. Now that’s encouraging news. (Colossians 4:5; Ephesians 5:15-16)

3 Keys

Here are 3 types of ‘thinking skills’ that will help you get on track faster, stay on track longer, and make better progress:

1. Focus for Productivity – You need a laser focus to finish a project, execute a plan, do the stuff. It’s very important to develop this productivity skill if you are going to be one who goes beyond dreaming of fulfilling your hopes and plans. Shift into Laser Focus mode when you need to be productive.

2. Get the Big Picture for Perspective – At other times you pull up to a higher view. Big Picture thinking we call it… It’s critical for developing vision and for making sure you are working in alignment to fulfill your goals. Zoom up to the big picture view when you need to check to see if you spending time on things that support your vision.

3. Connect the Dots for Clarity – Knowing when to use which type of thinking skill. The skill that brings it all together is the ability to exercise laser-like focus with the big picture in mind. This enables you to have confidence you are doing the right work – work that supports your overall vision and goals. You can shift from one thinking skill to the other as needed.



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3 Pitfalls to Avoid

As you begin the journey to greater productivity there are three pitfalls that can derail your progress. These are three conditions you want to avoid on your journey, and solutions to bounce back:

1. Stuck in Dreamland – People who live in the big picture thinking realm are ever talking about vision and never fulfilling or completing. They are at risk for losing credibility without execution.
Solution – Make a plan to move forward even if it’s baby steps. Baby steps count. Gather a team who can help you put legs to your plans.

2. Busy Busy Busy – trapped in laser-like focus executing tasks, yet losing sight of the big picture. These people are busy for sure, but sadly not fruitful. Solution – Schedule regular times on your calendar to review your big picture. Check in with a team member or trusted advisor quarterly for extra support.

3. The Drifter – avoids planning like the plague and just goes with the wind figuring God will work it all out.
Solution – Read the account of some business guys beginning in Luke 19:12 and be reminded that God invites your partnership. God does His part and you have a significant say in how the plans work out by your level of participation. God does His work through people just like you. Step up to active partnership with God in your life and plans.

So now that you know the keys and the pitfalls, I have a tool for you. It will help you to
discover secret wisdom for success, fulfillment and peace of mind In your life and work. It’s called Prayer Plan Your Life, and it’s my free gift to you.
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2 thoughts on “3 Keys to Get Your Plans Back on Track, and 3 Pitfalls to Avoid in the Process”

  1. Man, that Luke 19 scripture is a good one. Thank you for reminding me to have laser focus in order to have productivity. Merry Christmas!

    1. Kelsi,
      You are right about Luke 19.
      Your focus determines where you will go in your life journey so it’s important to get that type of laser-like clarity. Glad you are connecting focus and productivity. Sounds so obvious, but many miss the point.
      Not you!
      Love and Prayers,
      Linda Fields

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