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You, a Spiritual Professional?

Whether you work in government or a big company, run a small business, or have a dream in your heart to make a difference, your work matters to God.

Could it be that our “witness” in the world of work isn’t about showing our religion, but rather the holy ruckus that happens when we dare to let God shine through us in wisdom, understanding, and excellence?

My name is Linda Fields. I teach and coach God-made success, leadership, and purposeful productivity for spiritual professionals. It’s my calling and life’s work to help you find your why forward and make the most of everything God has invested in you.

Being a Spiritual Professional isn’t about titles, competition, comparison or anything like that. It’s about encountering God at work––drawing value, wisdom, and purpose from the eternal well of His love, care and provision for you.

You’re confident in His love even in your weakness.

You’re His favorite one and you know He wants to shine through you. 

All you have to do is believe, do your part, and learn to follow His lead.

So you come to Him and He helps you to prayer plan your life, build with purpose, lead with hope, and serve with humility. 

Your gift makes room for you, and new doors of favor and blessing begin to open. But you don’t get into overwhelm or burnout because you know it’s not about you.

If this resonates, you’ve likely got the DNA of a Spiritual Professional.

Begin by downloading “5 Ancient Secrets for God-Made Success in the World Today” using the button on this page. I look forward to helping you live more of the life you were always meant to live.

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“In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.” –– Proverbs 6:3


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“Linda’s teaching and tools bring the spiritual and the practical together like I’ve not seen before.”
Robert Jacobson
Robert JacobsonEntrepreneur
“You don’t have to abort your dream or stay stuck in the ho-hum.”
Diane Bickle
Diane BickleFounder, Glad Heart Realty
“The best moment for me was when Linda believed in me.”
Shannon Davidson
Shannon DavidsonFounder, Atara Guitars

My Story

Ready to fully embrace the daily adventure that is your one eternal life, and make the most of everything that God has invested in you?

My name is Linda Fields. I teach and coach God-made success, leadership, and purposeful productivity for spiritual professionals: everyday people in the workplace who love and serve Jesus with excellence in all of life.

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